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Gas Regional Initiative

Prišlo je do napake pri branju podatkov iz seznama.

Soon after its establishment, ACER updated the scope of the regional initiatives (RIs) based on the following principles:   

  • A more project-oriented approach to help focus the limited stakeholders’ resources on a limited number of clearly identified deliverables, instrumental for the completion of the Internal Energy Market (IEM);     
  • A more pan-European dimension to ensure the involvement of all Members States with adequate resources;     
  • A stronger stakeholders’ involvement and engagement to maintain the momentum and confidence throughout the implementation phase;     
  • A more adequate governance structure to improve the decision-making process and allow monitoring of all projects.     

The Regional Initiatives developed, following a mandate of the European Commission, regional Work Plans and cross-regional Roadmaps (in cooperation with ENTSOG, in gas), in order to promote the early implementation of the Network Codes and market integration. These Work Plans and Roadmaps are periodically reviewed and updated under the guidance of the Agency.