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A tool for recording derogation and revocation decisions in Grid Connection Codes


RECORD is a tool that serves three distinct purposes, namely:

Register: allowing regulatory authorities and other relevant authorities to maintain a register of all national derogations they have granted or refused and to provide ACER with an updated and consolidated register at least once every six months, a copy of which shall be given to the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E)  in accordance with the Network Code on Requirements for Generators the Network Code on Demand Connection and the Network Code on High Voltage Direct Current Connections. 

Monitoring: informing the Agency's implementation monitoring in accordance with its founding Regulation (art. 9).  

Cooperation: enabling the Agency to monitor the procedure of granting derogations with the cooperation of regulatory authorities or relevant authorities of the Member State in accordance with the above mentioned network codes.

Last but not least, RECORD serves as a single source of information to stakeholders wishing to access derogation criteria as defined by regulatory authorities or relevant authorities of the Member State or their decisions on derogations and revocations.

Using the tool

The public access to the tool is available at

Regulatory authorities or relevant authorities of the Member State aiming at providing information about the derogation criteria and derogation or revocation decisions need to register first at AEGIS portal ( The detailed user's manual for registered RECORD users is available in section 'Documents' in the RECORD application menu (login is needed).

Contact and support

When working with the record application, you may request the support of the Agency staff.

In case of questions related to the derogation criteria and decisions collection process, please contact us at electricity(at)

If you have, any problems or questions related to the RECORD application or AEGIS system, please contact the support team at aegis.admin(at)