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2. Cross-Border Intraday

The overall objective of the intraday cross-regional roadmap is to implement the intraday target model on all borders in Europe by the end of 2014. The intraday target model, as explained in the ACER CACM FG, is an evolution of continuous intraday trading, to include intraday capacity recalculation, capacity pricing reflecting congestion and the capability to trade sophisticated products.    

Intraday target model implementation will make it easier for market parties to trade electricity across borders close to gate closure and keep their position in balance. The intraday timeframe is seen as increasingly important in the context of growing intermittent generation.     

The intraday cross-regional roadmap envisages a two-phase approach to implementing an intraday trading solution, with an interim solution based on implicit continuous trading and an enduring solution where this evolves to include intraday capacity recalculation, capacity pricing and the capability to trade sophisticated products.     

The North-West Europe (NWE) region intraday project is seen as the European pilot project for the implementation of the CACM FG target model.     

Ofgem (UK) is leading the Single European Continuous Implicit Mechanism for Cross-Border Intraday project.     

Please download the cross-regional roadmap on Cross-Border Intraday here: Final Cross-Regional roadmap for Intraday Trading.pptxFinal Cross-Regional roadmap for Intraday Trading.pptx     

For the most recent developments, achievements and challenges related to this project, please read the quarterly reports.      

Regional Work plans 2011-2014 can be accessed here.