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Ad hoc Expert Group on energy commodity derivatives

The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (hereafter “the Agency” or “ACER”) has decided to set up an ad hoc expert group on energy commodity derivatives under Regulation (EU) No 1 227/2011. The goal of this ad hoc expert group will be to advise the Agency and to contribute to the work of the Agency on issues related to energy commodity derivatives. 

This may include to advise the Agency on actions taken concerning the Agency’s recommendations to the Commission and to advise the Agency on the interaction of the EU energy market legislation with the EU financial market legislation.  

You may find more information in the Open letter.   

Members of the ACER ad hoc expert group  

  • Mr Erik Korsvold
  • Mr Darren Lampert
  • Mr Rainer Landgraf
  • Mr Vince McCallion
  • Mr Iain McGowan
  • Mr Gideon McLean
  • Mr Riccardo Rossi
  • Mr Jorge Simão
  • Mr Simon Smith
  • Mr Jaroslaw Ziębiec


  • Minutes from 2nd Ad hoc EG on Commodity Derivatives meeting on 8 November 2016
  • Minutes from 1st Ad hoc EG on Commodity Derivatives meeting on 15 December 2015