22nd Stakeholders Group (SG) Meeting of the GRI SSE

Budapest, 18 May, 2017. From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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Topics Accompanying documents Rapporteur
2017_05_18 GRI SSE E-Control ROHUAT rev 3_final.pptx
PowerPoint-Präsentation24/05/2017 13:03SPAdmin
HEA presentation_Licensing in GRI SSE_TK_18May2017.pptx
Ad hoc GRI SSE RCC WORK PLAN 2015-201824/05/2017 13:04SPAdmin
PP XIII - GRI SSE   E-Control AEEGSI  2017_05_18_ver2.ppt
3.1. FG Interoperability Rules24/05/2017 13:04SPAdmin