29th SSE GRI RCC meeting

Budapest, 52. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út, HEA premises, 1st floor, Conference room, 07 July, 2016. From 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM

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Topics Accompanying documents Rapporteur
28th RCC meeting draft minutes_final.doc
Final draft minutes of the previous RCC meeting13/09/2016 16:06Riccardo Galletta
28th RCC meeting draft minutes_final.pdf
28/06/2016 13:30SPAdmin
29th GRI SSE RCC meeting draft agenda v3.doc
Agenda13/09/2016 16:05Riccardo Galletta
29th GRI SSE RCC meeting draft agenda v3.pdf
06/07/2016 09:20Riccardo Galletta
SSE GRI draft Work Plan for final comments13/09/2016 16:07Riccardo Galletta
06/07/2016 09:40Riccardo Galletta
Direct lines - problem in Bulgaria.ppt
Presentation on the direct lines issue13/09/2016 16:08Riccardo Galletta
Progress update in BAL-CAM NC in BG-GR.ppt
Presentation on the progress on CAM&BAL NCs implementation13/09/2016 16:08Riccardo Galletta
160705 GRISSE DH EIF.pptx
Overview of the Energy Infrastructure Forum 201613/09/2016 16:09Riccardo Galletta
PROPOSAL_GasWholesaleLic_Final draft_8June2016.pdf
Draft concept paper on Gas Wholesale Licensing in SSE EU13/09/2016 16:10Riccardo Galletta
2016_07_08 GRI SSE E-Control ROHUAT04.pptx
Presentation of the project for incremental capacity offer between Romania, Hungary, and Austria13/09/2016 16:11Riccardo Galletta
2016_07_08 GRI SSE TRU 02.pptx
Presentation of the project of market integration between Austria and Czech Republic via "Trading Region Upgrade" 13/09/2016 16:13Riccardo Galletta
PP X - GRI SSE E-Control 2016_07_08_ver 1.ppt
Presentation on the transparency developments of Virtual Trading Points13/09/2016 16:15Riccardo Galletta
VTP pilot project X -   scoring modell.xlsx
Working document - VTPs scoring model13/09/2016 16:17Riccardo Galletta
HEA presentation_Licensing in GRI SSE_8July2016.pptx
Presentation of the draft concept paper on Gas Wholesale Licensing in SSE EU13/09/2016 16:16Riccardo Galletta
Opinions on the Proposals.pdf
Comments received on the draft concept paper on Gas Wholesale Licensing in SSE EU13/09/2016 16:18Riccardo Galletta
29th GRI SSE RCC Meeting_Minutes_Final.doc
29th GRI SSE RCC meeting final draft minutes13/09/2016 09:52Riccardo Galletta
29th GRI SSE RCC Meeting_Minutes_Final.pdf
13/09/2016 09:55Riccardo Galletta
SSE GRI updated Work Plan 2016-201813/09/2016 10:57Riccardo Galletta
13/09/2016 11:00Riccardo Galletta