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The Regional Initiatives have been set up in a way which ensures that stakeholders are effectively engaged. They bring together regulators, the European Commission, Member State governments, companies and other relevant parties in the following way:      

  • The Regional Coordination Committees (RCC) (of the regions’ national regulators) fulfill the task of coordinating, facilitating and driving forward the priorities in each region – under the guidance of the lead regulator. The European Commission and the Member State governments may provide input into identifying and solving market integration issues.     
  • The Implementation Groups (IG) which include market operators such as TSOs, power exchanges and interconnector operators provide a proper framework for implementing practical solutions.      
  • Other key market participants such as traders, suppliers, customers and electricity generators have been brought together in a Stakeholder Group (SG) in each region.      

The ERGEG’s RIs and other regional initiatives have delivered encouraging results in the electricity sector, with the creation of several regional wholesale markets (in the Nordic area, in Central- Western Europe, in the Iberian Peninsula, in Ireland, between Italy and Slovenia, between the Czech Republic and Slovakia). The commitment of all stakeholders and the engagement of Member States have proved critical in determining the success of these developments. The existence of a common vision – a Target Model – for the internal electricity market also served as a reference for the different regional initiatives.