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2015 MMR edition

​​5th ACER Market Monitoring Report​

This year the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) have divided the Annual Report on the Results of Monitoring the Internal Electricity and Natural Gas Markets into five volumes, in order to make documents available to readers as soon as they are ready. This allows for the earlier publication, already in mid-September, of the findings related to wholesale electricity and gas. The main volume and two other thematic volumes were published on 9 November, on the day of the public presentation of the entire report in Brussels.                              

Key Insights and Recommendations Volume

The Key Insights and Recommendations volume provides a comprehensive overview of EU energy markets performance by combining the lessons learnt from the other thematic volumes of the MMR. Crucially, it supplements these insights with recommendations aimed at removing any remaining barriers to the completion of EU’s Internal Energy Market.                  
Access the key Insights and recommendations volume for 2015 here (Original version, Corrigendum)
Access the presentation on this volume here​
Electricity Wholesale Market Volume 
The Electricity Wholesale Market Volume looks at the performance of European Union (EU) electricity markets. The Volume shows first the key developments that have affected electricity wholesale markets in the EU in recent years. Secondly, it shows, in the context of the relevant network code, the level of cross-zonal capacities made available for trade and the effect of distortive effects so-called unscheduled flows. Thirdly, it assesses the respective performance of forward, day-ahead, intraday and balancing markets at EU level, with a focus on the use of cross-border capacity. Finally, the Volume presents the situation of capacity mechanisms.                              
Access the electricity wholesale market volume for 2015 here 
Access the presentation on this volume here      
Access the underlying data of this volume here          

Gas Wholesale Market Volume 

The Gas Wholesale Market Volume looks in depth at the state of the EU gas markets. The Volume starts with a review of the main developments affecting these markets in 2015. Secondly it focuses on the upstream and infrastructure building blocks on which a well-functioning gas markets depends. This volume includes an in depth assessment of the state of trading and more in particular the development of gas hubs. Selected Gas Target Model metrics as well as price metrics have been calculated and interpreted. The Volume concludes with an assessment of the impact of network codes on the functioning of the gas wholesale market.                              
Access the gas wholesale market volume for 2015 here​  
Access the presentation on this volume here          
Access the underlying data of this volume here         


Electricity and Gas Retail Markets Volume


​The Electricity and Gas Retail Markets volume analysis the functioning of EU energy retail markets. The Volume starts by showing the main retail price and demand trends. Secondly, it assesses the level of competition in retail markets across EU MSs. This volume examines, for the first time, the state of play of dynamic pricing to electricity and gas household consumers.   Finally, it concludes by looking at the interventions in retail-price setting mechanisms.                  

Access the electricity and gas retail markets volume for 2015 here (Original Version, Corrigendum)
Access the underlying data of this volume h​ere (Original Version, Corrigendum)





Consumer Protection and Empowerment Volume

The Consumer Protection and Empowerment volume looks at the performance of European energy markets from the final household consumer perspective. The Volume starts by looking at vulnerable consumers and the protections EU MSs afford them. Secondly, it focuses on consumer empowerment issues like consumer information, price comparison tools and smart metering. Finally it looks at consumer complaints and the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution.                  
Access the consumer protection and empowerment volume for 2015 here​
Access the underlying data of this volume here

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