ACER PR 01 17.pdf
Commission’s Clean Energy proposals: Regulators call for flexible regulation and effective regulatory oversight
ACER PR-01-14.pdf
ACER welcomes the day-ahead market coupling in North-West Europe
ACER PR-01-15.pdf
ACER welcomes the REMIT Implementing Acts’ entry into force and announces the launch of its new REMIT Portal on 8 January 2015
ACER PR-01-16.pdf
REMIT implementation enters final stage
ACER PR-01-18.pdf
European Commission aims to enhance ACER’s mandate and the powers of its Director
ACER PR-01-19.pdf
New Director of the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators designated
ACER PR-01-20.pdf
New challenges and opportunities for the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators
ACER PR-02-14.pdf
ACER Board of Regulators follows up on the European Commission’s evaluation of the Agency
ACER PR-02-15.pdf
ACER launches updated Gas Target Model
ACER PR-02-16.pdf
Romana Jordan and Jochen Penker elected new Chair and Vice-Chair of ACER Administrative Board
ACER PR-02-17.pdf
The Network Codes for the Energy Union: Joining forces on implementation
ACER PR-02-18.pdf
Lower wholesale energy prices translate into lower retail prices for the second year in a row
ACER PR-02-19.pdf
Energy Regulators recommend legislative and regulatory action to support the decarbonisation of Europe’s energy sector
ACER PR-03-14.pdf
Razvan Nicolescu appointed Chair of the Administrative Board of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)
ACER PR-03-15.pdf
Energy Regulators welcome the Energy Union Package, ACER stands ready for a new role if adequately resourced
ACER PR-03-16.pdf
ACER and ENTSOG launch a joint platform to facilitate a smooth gas network code implementation
ACER PR-03-17.pdf
Regulators call for priority dispatch of existing Renewables to be removed
ACER PR-03-19.pdf
Jochen Penker and Jurijs Spiridonovs elected Chair and Vice-Chair of ACER Administrative Board
ACER PR-04-14.pdf
Central Eastern Europe unites towards the EU single energy market
ACER PR-04-15.pdf
ACER publishes European Register of Market Participants and List of Standard Contracts and stands ready for REMIT data collection from Organised Market Places and ENTSO transparency platforms
ACER PR-04-16.pdf
One month ahead: ACER is ready for 2nd phase of REMIT data collection
ACER PR-04-17.pdf
Regional cooperation: cornerstone of the Energy Union Governance
ACER PR-05-14.pdf
ACER proposes a strategy for tackling the upcoming challenges of the single EU Energy Market
ACER PR-05-15.pdf
ACER will not propose the Network Code amendment requested by Oil and Gas UK and Gas Forum to the Commission
ACER PR-05-16.pdf
Energy regulators should have the proper regulatory independence and sufficient personnel to make an effective contribution towards a fully integrated European energy market
ACER PR-05-17.pdf
ACER and ENTSOG upgrade the functionality platform to support the implementation of gas network codes
ACER PR-06- 15.pdf
ACER adopts a decision on the allocation of costs for the Lithuanian part of the Electricity Interconnection between Lithuania and Poland
ACER PR-06-14.pdf
ACER welcomes the successful coupling of the day-ahead markets of Portugal and Spain with the North-West European region
ACER PR-06-16.pdf
ACER to have a key role in the new EU energy landscape
ACER PR-06-17.pdf
Households and businesses benefit from falling EU energy prices
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