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What's the role of ACER?

​​​​​​​ACER monitors the implementation of network codes and the Guidelines adopted by the European Commission. The Agency has developed methodologies to assess their effectiveness on the functioning of the internal gas market: whether they facilitate market integration, non-discrimination, effective competition, and the efficient functioning of the wholesale market.

These reports are publicly available and widely shared to inform the market, academia, and the public at large.​

Why is monitoring important?

​Monitoring supports the correct implementation of the regulatory framework and allows to take stock of the progress made and the deficiencies to be addressed. The implementation monitoring is also helpful to clarify the understanding and the application of the EU legal terminology.

What does ACER say?

​ACER acknowledges the significant progress in harmonising capacity, balancing, interoperability, data exchange and tariff rules across the European Union. 

ACER regrets that a minority of Member States have not completed their legal requirements in full, and encourages those facing pending implementation issues to actively communicate their problems to the Agency and the European Commission. ​