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The NRA Data Collection

Data for the electricity wholesale section - Procedure 

The Agency has developed an annual logistic procedure to accommodate the data NRAs have agreed to supply to the Agency for Market Monitoring Report. In this procedure a spread sheet based template (see the links below) holds all the (meta) data needed for the monitoring work for one year. The procedure is designed to reduce NRA’s workload on sending data. For instance, it replaces often multiple attachment needed to send bulky data files by a drop off point where data can be uploading in one single file.  

The drop off point is in fact a webpage document library on the ACER website reserved for each NRA. All previous uploads by NRAs are stored in the country folders. The drop off point is only accessible by the dedicated and assigned NRA staff member (using its logon information) who is part of the ERI. Other NRAs cannot access the drop off point for specific country. An updated overview of the NRAs who have successfully uploaded their template will be provided. 


The MMR data gathering plan in 2019 scheduled as follows:
• by 28th February 2019 Sheets 2-3 need to be uploaded;
• by 30th April 2019 for Sheets 4-9 need to be uploaded.