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 Members of the ACER ad hoc expert group on REMIT 

ACER decided to select the following 10 experts and 2 observers (in alphabetical order):

  • Ms Camilla Berg
  • Mr Karl-Peter Horstmann
  • Ms Daniela Nigro
  • Ms Marie-Louise Piil Christensen
  • Mr Jean-Michel Salagnac
  • Mr Filip Sleeuwagen
  • Mr Daniel Smith
  • Ms Sophie Tolley
  • Mr Bernhard Walter
  • Mr Daniel Wragge 
  • Ms Christelle Coppens-Chalhoub (as observer for ENTSO-E) and
  • Mr Davide Volzone (as observer for ENTSOG)

As was the practice in previous expert groups it was decided to involve ENTSO-E and ENTSOG in the ad hoc expert group. ENTSO-E and ENTSOG may as observer alternate their representation.