PC_2023_G_09 - Public consultation on the Capacity Allocation Mechanisms Network Code: achievements and the way forward

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Gas network code
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Gas Transmission System Operators (TSOs), investors, market participants from wholesale and retail (including traders, producers, suppliers, gas storage operators), Member State public authorities, academics, thinktanks and other interested parties.

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With gas markets being impacted by a global pandemic (2020) and a European energy crisis (2022), the resilience of the current market rules (also known as “network codes”) has been tested. Although they have ensured a proper market functioning (see ACER’s Market Monitoring Reports and Congestions Reports), lessons have yet to be learnt to further enhance market resilience.

The European gas market must also be ready to align with the latest policy and technological developments, guaranteeing the Green Deal’s decarbonisation targets can be met.

Against this background, the latest European Gas Regulatory Forum has emphasised the importance of having gas market rules which can adequately reflect this evolution, and therefore prompted for the revision of the capacity allocation mechanisms network code (CAM NC).

This consultation ran from 14 November 2023 until Friday 5 January 2024.

Why we are consulting

ACER wished to take stock of what works under the current market rules and collect views from stakeholders on areas of improvement.

Next steps

On 12 December 2023, ACER also organised an online workshop on the same topic. 

ACER also intends to publish a policy paper, tentatively in the first quarter of 2024, to follow up on any identified areas of improvement. This policy paper will be a first input when the formal review of the CAM NC will be launched in the course of 2024.