ACER Director

ACER Director

A word from the Director

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​​​​​“I am thrilled to be, together with the Agency, at the front line, regulation-wise, of the many changes impacting energy systems in Europe. The energy landscape is evolving rapidly, driven in part by technology, by market actor innovation and in part by evolving political priorities, not least as regards decarbonisation of the broader economy, in which energy transitions play a crucial part. 
While history shows that trust among nations in moments of crisis tends to decrease, I remain firmly convinced that in the coming months and years we need “more Europe”, not less. ACER will play a key role, to the extent possible, to build faith in increased mutual reliance, which I see as being the essence of its mandate”.


 - Christian Zinglersen ​-

ACER Director

What is the role of the Director?

ACER is managed and represented by its Director, Christian Zinglersen. 

His mandate started in January 2020 and his term of office is five years.

The Director represents the Agency vis-à-vis external stakeholders and ensures its internal functioning.

He adopts and publishes the official acts (opinions, recommendations and decisions) that have received a favourable opinion from the Board of Regulators.

He is responsible for drafting the annual work programme of the Agency and implementing it under the guidance of the Board of Regulators and the administrative control of the Admini​strative Board. The Director also draws up a preliminary draft budget and implements the Agency's approved budget. ​

ACER Director

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