Data Collection

Data Collection at ACER

Data Collection at ACER

ACER is mandated by RE​MIT to monitor the trading activity of wholesale energy products to detect and prevent market manipulation and trading based on inside information. ACER also collects data to assess and monitor the wholesale energy markets.

The European Commission's Implementing Regulation (2014), provide specifications on how ACER should collect the data, the data reporting obligations, as well as the timeline of implementation.

At ACER, the data collection process is managed by the Market Information and Transparency (MIT) department, and is based on five pillars:

  • Registration of market participants 

  • Registration of reporting parties 

  • Data reporting management 

  • Data quality analysis of collected data 

  • Inside Information collection and disclosure 

A brief historic introduction

​The data collection process started on 7 October 2015, following this implementation timeline:

    • Adoption of REMIT (25 Oct 2011)

    • Adoption of REMIT Implementing Regulation (17 Dec 2014)

    • Entry into force of REMIT Implementing Regulation (7 Jan 2015)

    • Start of RRM registration (8 Jan 2015) with publications of Manual of Procedures on Data Reporting, RRM requirements, List of OMPs and TRU​M

    • Start of MP registration (17 Mar 2015) with publications of European Register of Market Participants and List of Standard Contracts

    • Start of data collection of OMP contracts and ENTSO’s fundamental data (7 Oct 2015)

    • End of backloading of outstanding OMP contracts (5 Jan 2016)

    • Start of data collection of all reportable trade and all fundamental data (7 Apr 2016)

    • End of backloading of outstanding OTC standard, OTC non-standard and transportation contracts (6 Jul 2016)

    • ​Start of collection of inside information web feeds (2017).​​

Since January 2015, ACER has been regularly publishing and updating three reference data lists:

Periodic updates on the data collection process are provided in the REMIT Quarterly publication.