Security of supply

At the core of the Energy Union

​​​​A secure supply of electricity is crucial for consumers. 

Security of supply is one of the five mutually reinforcing dimensions of the Energy Union strategy of the European Union. At the same time, security of supply is a Member State's responsibility. The European Union might intervene in national affairs only in case of severe need, according to the principle of subsidiarity. 

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What's the role of ACER?

​ACER is committed to enable a high-level of security of supply in a cost efficient and non-discriminatory manner. 

Well-functioning wholesale markets contribute to this goal. However, regulatory distortions or other issues may prevent electricity prices from reflecting their true value when security of supply is at risk, possibly leading to underinvestment and security of supply issues.

In this case, additional measures may be needed to increase security of supply. Such measures can include removing regulatory distortions and introducing temporary capacity mechanisms.

Risk-preparedness also ensures that risks related to security of supply are identified in a timely and consistent manner, as well as they are properly monitored and mitigated.