Coordination with relevant authorities

Coordination with relevant authorities

What's the role of ACER?

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ACER ensures that national regulatory authorities (NRAs) carry out potential REMIT breach case reviews and investigations in a coordinated and consistent way.

This is why ACER cooperates closely with NRAs, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the competent financial market authorities of the Member States and, where appropriate, national competition authorities. ACER has also established strong links with major organised market places and engages in international cooperation​.

ACER's involvement in market abuse cases – through triaging and reviewing cooperation needs – has been steadily intensifying and becoming more and more frequent.

ACER interacts on REMIT cases more than 500 times per year, mostly by reviewing documents and processing requests ensuring a coordinated and consistent approach.

Coordination with relevant authorities

Some visible results

Since 2018, ACER temporarily discontinued its activities related to the creation of (cross-border) investigatory groups because of a shortage of resources.

ACER's coordination activities on REMIT breach cases, combined with the NRAs' strong commitment, have already delivered visible results. 

Fines for over 75 million EUR were imposed to sanction market abuse in wholesale energy markets across the whole EU.