Enforcement decisions

Enforcement decisions

Overview of sanction decisions

REMIT prohibits market manipulation and insider trading in the wholesale energy markets, as well as imposing several obligations. Both can eventually lead to a sanction.

ACER strongly cooperates with the relevant NRAs to monitor the wholesale energy markets and effectively sanction REMIT breaches.

The table below gives an overview of decisions and sanctions of REMIT breaches:


Article 3 (insider trading)
Article 4 (non-disclosure of inside information)
Article 5 (actual or attempted market manipulation)
Article 8 (non-reporting of info to ACER)
Article 9 (non-registration)
Penalties for breaches of REMIT are imposed at national level in line with Article 13 of REMIT. 
Article 18 of REMIT establishes that the rules on penalties for breaches of Article 3 and 5 of REMIT are established by the Member States. The implementation regime is therefore different across Member States and some breaches of REMIT may be sanctioned under national provisions. Please consult the sources for the status of the proceedings and more information on the Decisions.
* This amount includes both the (i) fine and (ii) confiscated profit.​​​
** The fines expressed in other currency than EURO are converted in EURO using the ECB exchange rate on the day of the Decision.