Board of Appeal

Board of Appeal


New mandate of ACER BoA

The Board of Appeal (BoA) deals with complaints lodged against ACER decisions. Any natural or legal person can appeal against a decision taken by ACER where the Agency has actual decision-making powers (individual decisions).

The decisions of the Board of Appeal may as well be subject to appeal before the Court of Justice of the European Communities.​

Board of Appeal

Composition and Independence

The Board of Appeal is part of ACER but at the same time independent from its administrative and regulatory structure. It is essential that members and alternates act independently and in the public interest.

The Board of Appeal is composed by six members and six alternates for a mandate of 5 years (renewable).

Members and alternates are selected among current or former senior staff of the national regulatory authorities, competition authorities or other national or EU institutions with relevant experience in the energy sector.​

Board of Appeal

Registry of the Board of Appeal

​The Board of Appeal encourages online communication via e-mail. Correspondents in appeal proceedings are asked to submit documents as electronic files.


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