A global cooperation deterring against market abuse

ACER’s surveillance activities contribute to causing deterrence against market abuse at European level. ACER’s efforts in creating deterrence are reinforced by the community of surveillance experts across Europe. 

Specifically, ACER cooperates with surveillance experts from NRAs, energy exchanges, brokers, and financial authorities, in the effort of raising awareness about insider trading and market manipulation. This aims to ultimately contribute to the deterrence of market abuse. In addition, ACER discusses surveillance topics in ​​Roundtable meetings with ACER’s stakeholders.

For further details on the venues used for ACER’s cooperation with surveillance experts and discussion of surveillance topics, consult our section on cooperation​.

On a more global level, ACER also collaborates with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Meetings with FERC are organised on an annual basis in order to discuss and exchange ideas on surveillance topics affecting both US and EU markets.