Academia and institutions

A forward-looking engagement

​​​​​ACER is committed to establishing and maintaining a strong working relationship with European academics and researchers. 

Collaboration with academia is necessary in preparing ACER for future challenges and opportunities created by advances in science and technology.​

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How do we cooperate?

​Academics and researchers can participate in the work of ACER in several ways:

  • as members and experts of ACER's ad hoc expert groups

  • as seconded national experts

  • as short-term visiting experts

  • by contributing to ACER's public consultations

  • by taking part in ACER's conferences and workshops

  • by proposing REMIT data research projects for scientific purposes, subject to confidentiality requirements​​​

ACER is working to make non-sensitive data available for scientific purposes to further expand its collaboration with academia and contribute to effective knowledge sharing.​