European Resource Adequacy Assessment


European Resource Adequacy Assessment

What is it?

Mandated by the Clean Energy Package, the European Resource Adequacy Assessment (ERRA) is ENTSO-E’s annual assessment of the risks to EU security of electricity supply for up to 10 years ahead.

Following the approval of the ERAA methodology by ACER in October 2020, ENTSO-E needs to carry out an annual ERAA from 2021 onwards to assess whether the EU has sufficient electricity resources to meet its future demand.

Member States set their own electricity reliability standard that indicates their necessary level of security of electricity supply.

By comparing these results, ERAA aims to identify potential resource adequacy concerns in the EU and provide an objective basis for assessing the need for additional national measures ensuring security of electricity supply such as the introduction of temporary capacity mechanisms.

According to the Electricity Regulation, ACER is responsible for approving or amending ENTSO-E’s annual ERAA, including the assessment’s scenarios, assumptions and results.

The ACER approved methodologies associated with the ERAA and decisions on ENTSO-E’s proposed ERAAs are available below.