Ms Edit Herczog is the new Chair of the ACER Administrative Board

New Chair and Vice-Chair of ACER Administrative Board

Ms Edit Herczog is the new Chair of the ACER Administrative Board

What is it about?

ACER welcomes Ms Edit Herczog as the new Chair and Mr Bogdan Marius Chirițoiu as the Vice-Chair of its Administrative Board.

Ms Herczog and Mr Chirițoiu were elected by the Administrative Board members on 13 December 2023. Their two-year mandate started on 28 January 2024.

Welcoming Ms Herczog and Mr Chiritoiu, the ACER Director, Christian Zinglersen, expressed his gratitude to the outgoing Chair, Mr Thiollière, for his commitment as he led the Administrative Board including during the recent energy crisis.

Ms Herczog, previously the Vice-Chair under Mr Thiollière’s chairmanship, is a former member of the European Parliament (2004-2014) and the Hungarian national parliament. Currently she is active in the fields of public research, education, and digital infrastructure. Taking up the mantle, Ms Herczog underlined her commitment to advancing ACER's contribution to fostering an integrated European energy market and reaching the Green Deal’s decarbonization targets while securing access to sustainable energy for European citizens and business.

Mr Chirițoiu is Chairman of the Romanian Competition Council, the National Competition Authority in charge with enforcing competition and state aid rules.

Alongside the change in leadership, the membership of the Administrative Board is also changing.

The European Parliament has appointed Mr Paul Rűbig as a new member and Ms Rebecca Harms as an alternate; their mandate started on 21 January 2024.

The Council of the EU appointed three members and three alternates, including Mr Chirițoiu, Mr Dąbrowski, Ms Narodoslawsky, Ms Lunning, Ms Čelić, and Mr Makšijan, who also started on 28 January 2024.

ACER is looking forward to working with the new leadership, members and alternates of the Administrative Board.

More on the Administrative Board

The Administrative Board is ACER’s governing body. It appoints its main bodies, including the Director, adopts the annual work programme and its multi-annual programme. It also plays a central role in establishing the Agency’s budget.

The Administrative Board is composed of 9 Members and 9 Alternates, appointed by the European institutions. 2 members are appointed by the European Commission, 2 by the European Parliament and 5 by the Council of the European Union.

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