ACER webinar: Monitoring cross-zonal electricity capacity & emergency measures

06/09/2023 10:00 - 12:00 (Europe/Brussels)
MMR Webinar

What is it about?

This webinar will present the key findings of the two market monitoring reports published in July of 2023 on emergency measures, and on the 70% margin for cross-zonal capacities respectively.

Webinar pre-readings:

Event objective:

As part of its monitoring obligations, ACER must identify any barriers to the completion of the internal markets for electricity and natural gas. ACER is organising a webinar to present the conclusions of two ACER reports in its 2023 Market Monitoring Report (MMR) series:

With this online event, ACER intends to:

ACER is running a public consultation (21 July – 15 September 2023) on its report on cross-zonal capacities and the margin available for cross-zonal electricity trade (MACZT). Based on its findings, ACER will issue a formal opinion with recommendations to the European Commission and European Parliament by the end of the year.

Workshop material:

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