PC_2024_G_03_Public consultation on amending the network code on capacity allocation mechanisms in gas transmission systems

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Gas network code
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Gas TSOs and operators of interconnectors, gas network users (traders, suppliers), booking platform operators, energy exchanges

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After having carried out a preliminary analysis to investigate what are the main achievements and potential improvements to the Capacity Allocation Mechanisms Network Code (CAM NC), ACER is now initiating the process to review the network code.

The European Commission invited ACER to initiate the revision according to the Gas Regulation. This process takes place during 2024 and will conclude with ACER recommending amendments to the European Commission, who is responsible to revise the text of the network code.

Why we are consulting

In the context of its first preliminary analysis, ACER had several interactions with stakeholders to start assessing the achievements of the implementation of the CAM NC to date, as well as to scope areas of improvement (see the scoping consultation and the workshop).

Building on the scoping and problem identification work undertaken and considering the regulatory elements introduced by the recently agreed hydrogen and decarbonised gas market package, ACER has developed a policy paper on 'The revision of the network code on capacity allocation mechanisms in gas transmission systems' that focuses on options to improve the network code.

ACER invites stakeholders to submit their practical proposals to improve the CAM NC as well as to provide their feedback on the paper.

To further investigate these proposals, ACER will also organise a technical workshop (by invitation only) on 9 July 2024 (09:00 – 11:00 CET). Only respondents to the public consultation that have specifically expressed their interest to join will be invited to the workshop.

Next steps

This consultation will run from 8 May 2024 until 14 June 2024.

Registration for the workshop on 9 July 2024 can be done only by participating in the survey: please make sure to flag your interest.

Based on the inputs received, ACER will recommend amendments to the CAM NC by the end of 2024.